WGSA Junior and Senior Rankings as at August 2014

Type of Result: 
Result Date: 
Sun 31st Aug 2014

Kaleigh Telfer is currently our top ranked Junior Gauteng golfer in South Africa. She is number three in the WGSA Junior rankings.

Kaleigh Telfer is currently our top ranked Senior Gauteng golfer in South Africa. She is number six in the Senior rankings in South Africa.

Further Junior rankings of Gauteng players are as follows:- Shawnelle de Lange 6th, Ivanna Samu 7th, Eleonora Galletti 9th, Woo-Ju Son 10th, Natasha Carlsson 12th, Symone Henriques 16th and Chiara Contomathios 19th

Further Senior rankings of Gauteng paleyers are as follows:- Lara Weinstein 8th, Shawnelle de Lange 11th, Ivanna Samu 13th, Eleonora Galletti 16th, Natasha Carlsson 19th, Woo-Ju Son 22nd, Symone Henriques T30th, Jacqui Akers 41st, Chiara Contomathios 46th.


Sanlam SA match play qualifying stroke play results

Type of Result: 
Result Date: 
Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Ruimsig Country Club

Eleonora Galletti 75,67 (142)

Ivanna Samu 73,71 (144)

Lora Assad 74,73 (147)

Lara Weinstein 76,75 (151)

Kaleigh  Telfer 79,76 (155)

Woo-Ju Son 80,78 (158)

Chiara Contomathios 79,79 (158)

Kajal Mistry 79,79 (158)

Shawnelle de Lange 77,81 (158)

Lauren Bekker 84,76 (160)

Jacqui Akers 76, 84 (160)

Natasha Carlsson 83,80 (163)

Symone Henriques 82,84 (166)

Cara Ford 87,80 (167)

Sheryl Matthews 87,81 (168)

Kirsten Campbell 83,86 (169)

Ethel Ruthenberg 86,85 (171)

Kaiyuree Moodley 91,81 (172)

Valda Ford 93,95 (188)





















Final Results from 72 Holes at Mosselbay

Type of Result: 
Result Date: 
Wed 28th May 2014
Mossel Bay Golf Club

Swiss Trophy

Winners Kwazulu Natal A +27

2nd Western Province A +30

3rd Gauteng North A +34

4th Gauteng A +35

5th Boland A +45

6th Mpumalanga +53

7th Gauteng North C +56

8th Gauteng North B +66

9th North West A +68

10th Western Province B +74

11th Gauteng B +82

12th Ekurhuleni A +91

Challenge Trophy

Winners Southern Cape A +69

2nd Border +71

3rd Kwazulu Natal B +76

4th Eastern Province +84

5th Gauteng C +90

6th Southern Cape B +99

7th Freestate and Northern Cape +109

8th North West B +109

9th Limpopo +119

10th Western Province C +129

11th Boland B +130

12th Ekurhuleni B +131