Valda Ford is our new Jenni Gault International Jewellery Design Golden Girl for 2016

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Wed 10th Feb 2016
The Bryanston Country Club

Our annual Golden Girls tournament concluded today. It was once more very generously sponsored by Jenni Gault International Jewellery Design. This was a very special occassion as we commemorated the life of Alma Truss, a year after she passed away. We arranged to have our Silver Tray named after Alma Truss. Her family were invited to attend the prize giving and present the trophy for the first time. Unfortunately her daughter, Barbara, couldn't make it but her grand daughter Hayley and her husband Paul were there. Antoinette gave a very moving speech on how much Alma had contributed to ladies golf in Gauteng and South Africa. Hayley was invited to present the tray to our Golden Girl, Valda Ford of Ruimsig CC on 169 (87,82). Sheryl Matthews was the runner up on 175 (87,88)

In the B Division the winner was Lalla Alexander of Bryanston CC on 68 points (31,37) she won on a count out from Anneke Luyt also of Bryanston CC on 68 points (39,29). Nine of the twenty prize winners were from Bryanston CC. The full prizelist is attached to download.

Thanks to all the girls who competed, the tournament would not be what it is without you.

PHOTO:- Credit Michelle Craig

Teams of Two 2015

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Wed 16th Sep 2015
The Bryanston Country Club

The final tournament of the Ladies Golf Gauteng year was held today at The Bryanston Country Club. The Teams of Two is a great betterball event and is always well supported. We had 76 entries today, 38 teams of which 12 were in the Silver Division playing betterball strokeplay and 26 were in the Bronze Division playing betterball stableford. Players don't have to play with a member from their own club but may play with a friend from another club but they must both be in the same division.

The defending Champions, Niki Christie and Jacqui Akers, won the Silver Division again this year on a brilliant level par 73, Ethel Ruthenberg and Valda Ford were runners up on 74, so a very close fight for the title.

The Bronze Division was won by Grizelda Ruiters and Yvonne Hamburger on 48 points, winning the count out from Trish Anderson and Carol Holmes and Leanne Fieldgate and Karen Fieldgate who finished second and third respectively.

Full results and photos are attached.


Challenge Shields and Vi Frost Trophy results

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Tue 1st Sep 2015
Killarney Country Club

Well done to our winners of the Silver Challenge Shield, Randpark team of Lauren Clough, Jacqui Akers and Sheryl Matthews. Team Wanderers won the Vi Frost and the Bronze Challenge Shield. The Vi Frost team were Jo Morley-Jepson, Tessa Hinton and Jane Marshall and the Bronze Challenge team were Colleen Dee, Anne Bergh and Glenne Carris.

Full prize list is attached and there are photos on our Ladies Golf Gauteng Group on Facebook so please go and have a look at them all. Thanks to Rose Bishop for doing all the photos.


Order of Merit 2015 (Rolling)

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Mon 24th Aug 2015

The latest Order of Merit is attached.

The LGG Executive have decided to change the format this year. We will be doing ours like that of WGSA, a rolling format. All of last years scores will be taken into account until the tournament is played this year, those scores will then replace last years. If you played a tournament last year and not this year, last years scores will be deleted. We will still be using stroke average as this shows current form.

Teams of Two at Wanderers 22nd October 2014

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Wed 22nd Oct 2014
Wanderers Golf Club

The Teams of Two took place at Wanderers Golf Club today. The field was very small with only 24 teams taking part. Thanks to all the ladies who took part and to the few Lady Captains who encouraged their members to play. The ladies had a great day out on the course which was in magnificent condition. The weather was just perfect. The divisions were well balanced with 12 teams in each division. This was the first year that the Bronze division played betterball stableford and this change was very well received by the players. The results were very interesting with the scores being very close in both the Silver and Bronze Division.

The results were as follows:-

Silver Division

Winners 18 Holes Betterball Gross                   Jacqui Akers and Niki Christie on 72 oco

Runners Up 18 Holes Betterball Gross              Leslie Nienaber and Jacqui Akers 72

Third 18 Holes Betterball Gross                       Cara Ford and Valda Ford 75

Winner 18 Holes Betterball Nett                      Dale Ball and Cheryl Brownrigg 63

                                                            Runner Up 18 Holes Betterball Nett                 Lee Ann Solarsh and Joan Gaddie 66 oco



Bronze Division

Winners 18 Holes Betterball Stableford            Liz De La Harpe and Maureen Valsecchi 45 points oco

Runners Up 18 Holes Betterball Stableford       Grizelda Ruiters and Yvonne Hamburger  45 points oco

Third 18 Holes Betterball Stableford                 Judy Katz and Margie Drummond 45 points oco








The gross results for all the silver teams were:                                               The nett results for all silver teams were:

1.Niki Christie/ Jacqui Akers                               72                                              1. Dale Ball/ Cheryl Brownrigg                                     63

2.Jacqui Akers / Leslie Nienaber                         72                                              2. Jacqui Akers/ Leslie Nienaber                                   65

3.Cara Ford/ Valda Ford                                    75                                             3. Lee Ann Solarsh/ Joan Gaddie                                   66

4.Tessa Hinton/ Jo Morley-Jepson                      79                                              4. Cara Ford/ Valda Ford                                               66

5.Dale Ball/ Cheryl Brownrigg                            79                                              5. Tessa Hinton/ Jo Morley-Jepson                                 67

6.Elaine Rubens/ Karen Wales                           79                                              6. Niki Christie/ Jacqui Akers                                         67

7.Annette Lawson/ Sue Norval                           81                                             7. Sally Tonetti/ Michelle Witts-Hewinson                        68

8.Erica Botha/ Linda Erasmus                            82                                             8. Annette Lawson/ Sue Norval                                       68

9.Sally Tonetti/ Michelle Witts-Hewinson             82                                             9. Heather Kruger/ Anta Uys                                          68

10.Heather Kruger/ Anta Uys                             82                                           10. Debbie Cloud/ A Clingman                                          68

11.Lee Ann Solarsh/ Joan Gaddie                       83                                           11. Erica Botha/ Linda Erasmus                                        70

12.Debbie Cloud/ Adele Clingman                       83                                          12. Elaine Rubens/ Karen Wales                                        70

The results for the bronze teams were as follows:

1. Liz De La Harpe/ Maureen Valsecchi                  45 oco

2. Grizelda Ruiters/ Yvonne Hamburger                 45 oco

3. Judy Katz/ M Drummond                                  45 oco

4. Pam Pokroy/ Sandra Pogir                                43 oco

5. Linda Clark/ Felicity Holmmer                           43 oco

6. Colleen Dee/ Denise Shapiro                            43 oco

7. Anne Bergh/ Louise Ho                                    42

8. Dom Wood/ Jenni Beron                                  40

9. Anne Barrow/ Loraine Filedgate                        39 oco

10. Jann Blatch/ Emma Hall                                 39 oco

11. Pam Hoffman/ Saskia Stulemeijer                   38

12. Glynis Davidson/ Shelley Sneech                    37

Karen Wales and Linda Place winners - Golden Girls at Parkview

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Wed 12th Feb 2014

Well done to Karen Wales of Parkview/Houghton on winning the Tee and Sandwedges Golden Golfing Girls which concluded today at Parkview on 159 gross, Jo Morley Jepson of Wanderers was runner up on 167.

Linda Place of Kyalami Country Club won the Bronze Division on a brilliant score of 80 stableford points. Annaline Nel of Leeuwkop was runner up on 69 points. . We had a wonderful tournament with very generous sponsors in Tee and Sandwedges. The tournament ran very smoothly, we had the most amazing weather albeit a bit hot but at least there was no rain. The ladies all had a wonderful time, some really great golf was played. There were unfortunately three disqualifications during the tournament. One player played off a higher handicap than she was entitled to and another two players were disqualified for arriving at the golf course twenty minutes after their scheduled tee off time. Lessons to be learned from these are to always check your handicap before teeing off and make sure you have your tee off time. The onus is on the player to make sure they have all this info correct. Well done to all the prize winners and thanks to everyone who took part.

Full prizelist is attached

A huge thank you to Parkview for hosting us and making sure that everything went so well.

Photos -

Teams of Two Results 2013

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Tue 8th Oct 2013
Modderfontein Golf Club

The Teams of Two, sponsored by The Nomads, took place today at Modderfontein Golf Club. The Silver Division was won by Michelle Leigh (+1) and Ginger Delacretaz (7) on a betterball gross of 70. The Bronze Division was won by Wendy Wende and Samantha Davies on a gross betterball score of 87. Full prizelist is attached