Vi Frost and Bronze Challenge Shield held at Kyalami today

Antoinette, Erica Botha and Mariana Meyer

Ladies Golf Gauteng held our Vi Frost trophy and Challenge Shields at Kyalami today. We had the biggest field ever, 114 players competing in this inter club team challenge. We were supported by our regular stalwart clubs Bryanston (6 teams), Dainfern (3 teams), Kyalami (12 teams), Leeuwkop (2 teams), Observatory (2 teams), Parkview (1 team), Randpark (4 teams), Ruimsig (4 teams) and Wanderers (4 teams), making a total of 38 teams. Despite having to tee off at 6.30am instead of 7am, I received only one complaint. Thanks to all the players for your understanding. The early start was due to Kyalami having a school Golf Day this afternoon. Unfortunately the weather didn't play its part and it was quite nippy and the wind was extremely strong. The conditions weren't great but the players all had smiles on their faces when they came to score recording, if the golf was shocking, they had met new people and had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

In the Vi Frost Trophy:-

Ruimsig 2 (Erica Botha, Valda Ford and Mariana Meyer) won the Vi Frost trophy 18 holes gross on 172.

Wanderers 1 (Jo Morley-Jepson, Jane Marshall and Paula Forssman) were runners up on 184.

Kyalami 3 (Heather Clarke, Heather Duve and Vera Da Silva) won the Vi Frost 18 holes best nett on 152.

Valda Ford won the best individual gross on 84.

In the Bronze Challenge Shield:-

Dainfern 2 ( Maureen Valsecchi, Liz De La Harpe and Carol-Anne Ferreira) won the Bronze Challenge Shield on 61 points

Bryanston 3 (Rosheen De Kock, Melanie Kempe and Teresa Burton) were second on 60 points

Kyalami 4 (Linda Cumming, Brenda Marsden and Catherine Morrison) were third on 59 oco

Kyalami 9 (Peta-Jayne Greene, Anje Rohlf and Yvette Maine) were 4th on 59 oco

Kyalami 3 (Gwen James, Lynette Stais and Seugnelle Visser) were 5th on 57 oco

Kyalami 2 (Alison McDonald, Eileen McLintock and Susan White) were 6th on 57 oco

Anje Rohlf won the best individual points on 34

Photos are in the gallery and full results are on the result page

Photo credit to Imera Astell, thanks for doing all our photos for us today