Sanlam SA Match play results 17th July 2017

The match play rounds got underway this morning, 14 players had byes as there were only 50 players in the field.

This morning Cara Ford beat Cherylynn Croome 6&5

Lynette Fourie beat Annerie Coetzee 5&3

Kelsey Nicholas beat Cleo Jordaan 5&3

Natasha Carlsson beat Senayah Moodliar 1 up

This afternoon Larissa Du Preez beat Natasha Carlsson 1 up

Symone Henriques beat Kelsey Nicholas on the 19th hole

Jordan Rothman beat Kajal Mistry 2 up

Katia Shaff beat Kaiyuree Moodley 4&2

Kaleigh Telfer beat Annalie Swanepoel 8&6

Lindi Coetzee beat Lynette Fourie 1 up

Chiara Contomathios beat Caro Els on the 19th hole

Danielle Du Toit beat Cara Ford 7&6

Best of luck to Symone Henriques, Kaleigh Telfer and Chiara Contomathios for your matches tomorrow.