Rule 25-1

Interesting GUR ruling. How knowing your rules can be used to your advantage.

Setting the scene:

A players ball lies in an area marked GUR on the left hand side of the fairway. The course has a "club length placing" preferred lie in play.

The player has two options 1) to drop out of the GUR (Rule 25-1) or; 2) play the ball as it lies.

If she takes Option 1, in the above scenario, her nearest point of relief from where her ball lies will be in the rough, not her best option.

This is where it gets interesting. If she takes Option 2, because the GUR is on the fairway, she is entitled to place her ball within a club length as per the preferred lie rule in play on the course . In doing so her ball is out of the GUR, perfectly legitimate. However when she comes to adress her ball, her feet are in the GUR. Because under Rule 25-1, a player gets relief from an abnormal ground condition for stance and the ball, she is entitled to get relief by detemining her nearest point of relief, which will now obviously be on the fairway, takes her club length from there and drops the ball within the club length. Having done this, she may now once again place her ball within a club length as per the preferred lie rule in play.

This proves that knowing your rules can really be to your advantage, in this case the player could just about end up in the middle of the fairway having gained ± 3 club lengths in the above scenario.